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Physical Fitness and Sexual

Exercise can not only make you feel good and look good in everyday life but it can also heat things up in the bedroom. Sex has been considered a workout in itself and getting to the gym beforehand could help make things even sexier.

Blood Flow

The more we’re able to get out and exercise, the healthier our arteries will be for better blood flow. Blood flow helps people of all genders in the bedroom. For male-bodied people, it allows for better circulation to the penis and a stronger erection. For all people, the circulation of blood allows for more blood to all parts of the body. This allows for better lubrication of the genital area and more sensation of parts of the body. The blood flow to muscles helps with an orgasm also. Since orgasms depend on high muscle activity the better the blood flow the better the “O” moment.

Stamina and Flexibility

As a person continues a workout their sexual stamina and flexibility will increase. For flexibility both partners will have the possibility of trying new positions that might not have been done before. Trying exercises that help lengthen and strengthen the muscles can help the contortion of the body. Some workouts that would help flexibility are Pilates and yoga.  Also, it has been found that the better shape a person with a penis is in, the longer the bedroom frolicking will last. Stamina will help partners be able to keep the sex going for as long as they want.

Sex is also an exercise!

Sex isn’t considered a hardcore workout but still is a positive for health benefits. A study in 2013 found that people burn calories during sex. For around 25 min of sex male-bodied people burned 100 calories and people with vaginas up to 75 calories.The more rigorous the sex acts, the more calories burned. This doesn’t fully make up a workout but it really is a start. Once a person starts to work out more they will have better stamina and orgasms. This could lead to two workouts each day: One at the gym and one in the bedroom. Also finding a partner at the gym may also lead to a partner in the bedroom.

So Badgers get out and go for a run, lift some weights, then jump in the sack with someone and burn some more calories. The more exercise we all have the better things can go in and outside of the bedroom.

The Myth of the Loose Vagina

“It’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!”

“Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?”

Vaginas vary by person; and having a loose or tight one, or one in-between, is neither a good nor bad thing. However, many people associate having a “loose” or “stretched out” vagina with having a lot of sex, and use this as a way to shame people with vaginas for having lots of sex, which is very not okay.

So, it’s pretty important to establish that, contrary to popular belief, having an active sex life does not permanently loosen the vajayjay at all! And here’s why:

You see, the vagina is a fibromuscular, tubular canal, meaning that it is made out of a tightly folded, elastic muscle. When the vagina is resting (in its normal, usual state) the vaginal muscles remain tightly folded. When the person with the vagina is anxious, the vagina tightens even more, hence why sexual first-timers, first-time tampon users, etc., are usually so tight (because these can be anxiety-producing things). However, when the vagina is relaxed or sexually aroused, the muscles loosen in order to make way for whatever’s coming!

But, after the deed is done, the vagina reverts back to its original, resting, tightly coiled state.


Location, Location, Location: Resources for all occasions!

Ever wonder simple questions like, “Is that supposed to feel uncomfortable?” “Does my birth control have long-term side effects?” or “What’s going on down there?” If you’ve answered, “yes” to any of those questions, don’t worry, it’s normal! Everyone, at some point in time, has a question regarding sexual health, intercourse, orientation, etc. and we’re here to help you answer those questions!

While the Internet can offer some help, it’s impossible to know the credibility of the person offering advice. So, instead of sitting down at a computer and terrifying yourself with that WebMD or Google has to say, visit a professional or ask someone who is trained to answer specific questions regarding sex.

If you feel uncomfortable asking a friend, you don’t want to rush into the doctor’s office and spend a bunch of cash on something that may not be that serious, or just don’t know where to start finding answers…Believe it or not, but there are multiple resources on campus that are easily accessible and FREE for UW-Madison students.

Some of the resources, with mostly free services, found on campus are:

Student Activity Center

- Sex Out Loud

- Women’s Center


- University Health Services

Red Gym

- LGBT Center

Dejope Hall

- University Health Services

East Campus Mall

- Walgreens

State Street

- Walgreens

Fortunately, these are only some of the resources available to you on campus. The city of Madison also has a ton of other fantastic options, with hundreds of experts all to help answer all of your questions. Some of them include:

AIDS Network

600 Williamson Street

A Woman’s Touch

302 S Livingston Street

Planned Parenthood Facilities

2222 South Park Street

3706 Orin Road

Public Health Madison & Dane County

2705 East Washington Avenue

If you ever have any questions but aren’t sure where to go, feel free to stop on by the Sex Out Loud office, Mondays-Fridays from 11am-6pm, and talk to one of our friendly staff members! Or, ask our confidential email address, for a quick and speedy response. We’re always eager to help!

Also, the Sex Out Loud office has a ton of FREE safer sex supplies for the taking! We hope to see you soon!

The Ins and Outs of Insertive Condoms

At Sex Out Loud we’re often asked what the ‘best’ insertive condom is. Some claim its Trojan brand condoms, some really like Durex brand. The fact is, there is no ‘best’ condom. The World Health Organization has set certain manufacturing standards for all condoms made on this earth. Each government also has certain standards with which they hold factories that make condoms. These standards are a bit too long to go over in this blog post, but those curious can do their own research. The standards are called: ISO 4074, ASTM 3492, and EN 600.

Condom manufacturers are required to put their products through certain tests that determine if they’re effectiveness of preventing pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). These tests include an electrical conductance test, an air test, a water test, and a tensile.

Electrical Conductance: This is the standard test that all condom manufacturers perform on every condom that is made in their factory. The condoms are dipped in a conductive solution and placed on a metal rod. They are essentially ‘zapped’ to see if electricity passes through the condoms; if the condom has tiny holes in it, the electrical current would pass through. If no current is measured then the condom is determined safe to use.

Air Test:  Ever made a condom balloon? Well, there are people who get paid to do this every day. This is done to random samples out of a batch of condoms. The condoms are filled with an amount of air, usually more than enough to fill a basketball, until they pop. The air pressure and amount of air inside the condom is measured at the time it pops to determine quality.

Water Test:  This test is also done on a random sample of condoms. They’re filled with water while hanging vertically and visually inspected for water leaks. The condoms are then rolled, by hand, on absorbent paper to further check for leaks.

Tensile Test:  A section of condom, chosen randomly from the batch, is cut off and stretched by a machine. The machine measures the strength of the condom, the force required to break it, and how far it’s stretched when it breaks.

When it comes to condoms, they’re technically all the same. However, everyone has their preferences as to what condoms they like using. Remember, at our office we have thousands of condoms (for free) in a bunch of different varieties so you can find the one you like the most.

Passion for Pornography!

Did you know that 68% of young people with penises and 18% of young people with vaginas use porn at least once a week? In fact 85% of young phallused folkes and nearly half of vagined people watch porn as a monthly activity.  This means that a whole lot of people are watching other people get it on, and that is awesome!  Considering the large amount of people choose to watch porn it is not all that surprising that more and more people are becoming interested in making their own amateur pornography.  Before we all find some friends and grab a camera let’s cover some legalities and rules for making porn.

1) CONSENT.  Everyone involved in the making of the porn must give consent, to not only whatever sexual acts that will be performed on and with one another, but all parties must consent to being recorded or photographed whilst taking part in said sexytime.

2) Laws on pornography vary from state to state.  The majority of states have consensus for certain types of porn that are illegal which include beastiality and child-pornography.  The UK has a law banning “extreme porn”.   Extreme porn makes pornographic materials illegal that involve harm to an individual such as rape, include a human corpse, beastiality, and anything with children.

3) BEWARE OF THE CLOUD.  There has been a great deal of talk in the media about celebrities private images being hacked into and spread all over the internet.  A movie starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel came out this past summer called “Sex Tape”.  It is the story of a couple who makes a sex tape together and then they discover that it has accidentally been sent to people.  Point being, if there is a picture or a video there is always the chance that someone could see it.  If we choose to make an explicit video, people will see it.  Once it is on the internet it will forever be out there somewhere in the world of data.

In short, porn is rocks.  We can learn a lot and enjoy ourselves.  Plenty of people watch porn, and if we choose to make our own, we need to follow the guidelines above and be smart about what we do.